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Monday, August 17, 2009

Save Her

What if she told you that everything about her
Is filled with half truths and lies?
What if all that she said, were full of scorn
And hate and guile?

Darling, watch that black crow
Everything about her has been all a show

She’s been living in a disguise
And lately it’s been so enjoying
But what is freedom in its purest form
When the possessor is hiding

She dances in her own music
The words roll out of her tongue
The orchestra will never stop playing
Breathing a symphony for her every wrong

It’s her addiction, compulsion, and her fatal mistake
Her eyes can see more than she’s showing
And her mind knows more than her telling
But she’ll never bleed

Once she falls, you’ll never know
She’ll keep it her dirty little secret
She’ll maintain the show

Go on, save her, she’s breaking.

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