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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hospitals Smell Like Death

Hospitals smell like death
No, really, they do
Their cold, white linoleum floors
And piercing bright lights that hurt my eyes
They smell clean—chlorine?
Clean but disgusting
Like the smell of sick and dead people
Forcefully buried by the scent of that chemical

I hate that place
Too much deaths and failing hopes

It’s like a big white expensive mausoleum for the damned
Built to make you sicker
And make you die slower

Built to give you false hope
To dream of a nonexistent tomorrow
Like a rainbow painted coffin

♥ Vivy's Nonsense: Sorry. I came from the hospital today to visit my--nevermind. Anyways, I just really want to express my personal hatred for hospitals and used it as an inspiration for this thingy because I've had writer's block for so long. It's not much of an inspiration, I know. ~lesigh. I still hate hospitals. Always have, always will. Oh, and all the images I've been using for all my posts are from I should start giving kudos to the photographers or something. This photo's link is I don't know, I just kind of felt like it was my responsibility to give them credits. I'll try to do that from now on, I guess.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Physical Expressions of Grief

Slump over. The slump is a good expression of misery that most people can recognize.
If that doesn't work, then let the corners of your mouth turn down. Ever noticed how some people get old and seem to have a permanently sad expression while others seem to look happy even when they're at rest? It's those mouth corners.
Well, here's another one, a bit old fashioned but it works: wring your hands. It physically expresses powerlessness. We do so much with our hands. Flinging them about says, "I can't do anything useful, I'm helpless."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four Letter Lie

Rose deep red like blood
Love so sweet like wine
Lovers engage in dance
Drunk in lust and lies

Her hair as dark as midnight
Her diamonds shine in starlight
And though they gaze in each others’ eyes
Deception lies concealed behind

Flowers die and wither
In its ugly wake it litters
Beauties fade and vanish
Like lovers lie akin to sinners

♥Vivy's nonsense: Why is the blog dead? Where'd everybody go? :'(

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Fading Fairytale

I take a bite at the poison apple

I suddenly start to fall

What a shame

What a horror

Clock strikes twelve and I runaway

Leaving my slippers made of glass

I watch behind me and I look away

Will we see each other in another day?

A kiss of love I yearn

For a kiss of love I wait

When will I ever learn?

There is nothing to debate

I remain asleep in tangled heartstrings

Waiting for my prince to wake me

Reality dawns; reveals its ugly bearings

He will never come to save me

It’s too soon to give up

But it’s too late to hope

I remain lifeless and sleeping

But there you are trying to cope

Don’t bother, my sweet, don’t waste

Just breathe, my love, don’t wail

Good bye, my darling, my heart

You can’t save this fading fairytale