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You know when you were a kid and your diary was full of angst and woe-is-me-ness? That is what this blog is for. Lost your job, dog is sick, someone stole your parking spot, crashed your car, just generally glum? This is the place to put all that lovely grey and those long drawn out sighs.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Temptation

Tempted to just toss it all out
fill it up again
Check my watch to be sure
Something's sinking in
Wash it thoroughly
This memory's gonna fade
Take it through the heat
Let the edges fray
Tenderize it slowly
Push it to the edge
Eat it while it's still moving
And claw my way to my deathbed.

Sink and slow.
Ten and eight
Live it long

Take it back.

Take it back.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hush, Little Suzie

Hush, little Suzie

Don’t shed another tear

For the rain will stop soon

And you’ll be able to run home

Hush, little Suzie

Just smile for now

I see the rainbow coming

And soon will follow a ray of sun

Hush, little Suzie

It will all go away

Soon the playground will be filled with laughter

And your heart will be, too

Smile, little Suzie

Laugh while you can

You’re still young and the world is cruel

But smile for now

‘Cause tomorrow is another battle

♥ Vivy's Nonsense: Hi. I just wrote this out of impulse, boredom, and fatigue.

Here's the Photo Credit.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Song of Revenge


In this world, life's a race
You must never let anybody take over you...
In this world, make your place
You must stand up against everyone and fight...

If somebody gets you, don't let go
You have to give it back, XIII-fold
Dont leave that scar alone, ohhh-oh...
For it's gonna deepen till it hurts
And you've gotta screm out loud
Regretting your stupid action
Of letting him get away with it!

It's the only way to go
You must never leave it alone
Or it'll take over you
And consume your soul...
I have avenged
My former self
I know the sweet taste... Of Revenge...

It's time, to pay back
The one who destroyed you...
It's time, to take Revenge
You've gotta reveal the other side of you...

You've gotta know, certain things
Of the sweet art of Vengeance
You've gotta pay back with all your power...
And teach the enemy
The crushin' Lesson of Revenge
And leave him behind
To bite the dust!

It's the only path to take
To annihilate
Your gratest enemy
Your arch-nemesis...
You've gotta do it
You won't regret it
You must know the sweet taste... Of Revenge...

It's the only way to go
You must never leave it alone
It's the perfect chance
To reveal your darker side...
I have avenged
My former self
I know the sweet taste...
Of Revenge...

Revenge is sweet...

♥ Vivy's Nonsense: Not mine. Just posted for a friend's friend's request. You know the deal. Also, written as requested by the author. No changes were made at all.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Saw Mommy Kissing Someone Else

I saw Mommy kissing someone else
And he wasn’t my Dad

Why was mommy kissing him?
He’s not my Dad

Mommy loves Daddy, right?
And Daddy loves Mommy, right?

I cover my ears with my pillow
But they’re still too loud

I could hear them through my door
Screaming, yelling, shouting; so angry

Why won’t they stop?
I cry and cry and cry
But they can’t hear me

I hug teddy close to me because he’s scared
And I’m scared too
Please make them stop
Please make them stop
Please! Please! Please!

They stopped then—bam!
The front door slams

Then I heard the car and vroom! Screech!

No more.

I don’t want to look out my window
I didn’t want to see

I don’t know what was going on
And I didn’t want to know

I just want to stay here in the dark
With my teddy, and we’ll pray for it to be okay
And it will be okay because
Mommy said God loves me and He’ll make it okay for me

♥Vivy's Nonsense: again, credit for the photo:
Hope you enjoyed it. :]

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's it Like to Lose?

It’s ridiculous!
It’s humiliating!
It’s atrocious!
It’s unspeakable!

To lose to sex, drugs, and alcohol

I’ve never lost in my life
And this by far is the most mortifying loss I’ve ever had

To lose your best friend;
Your confidant;
Your non-biological sister;

To lose a whole world of whimsical childhood memories;
Shared laughs, tears, sweets, and juvenile secrets

Memories of favorite songs, first crushes and first kisses
Gossip bonanzas during sleepovers, and laughable pranks
All those lost and wasted promises

To care for very few people, to trust hardly anybody at all
And to lose.
You could’ve just ripped off my main artery and that would’ve been less painful

♥ Vivy's Nonsense: Ok, so, I just feel totally awful. My gosh, I'm so tired right now. Oh, and credit for the photo:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stood Up

They made plans with me for tonight. I turned down three other things to do. Then at 4 this afternoon... "Oh, we have decided we aren't going to go to the play after all."

So I am here... alone (hubby is working) writing this. I could rant and rave a bit more, but I think instead I will just go to bed.

The Interviews

So we have a job to fill, in this market, this economy, a wonderful thing to offer?

but as I interview person after person, my heart is breaking... the desperation is evident in so many of them, and I view them and I think - I'm sorry, but you are not up to this.. you are being caught out, you are in trouble, you are losing your job and you know your skills are failing you, you havent been trained, you've been caught in a bad place... they've let you down.. you WERE good...

I dont mind turfing out the bullshit artists, the fakers, the ones who blagged their way in - but the good people who I see and to who.. I have to say no.... but because of our Laws, I have to leave them waiting in hope for 2 weeks.....

And Christ its breaking my heart - I want to hire them, train them, help them, these are not bad people, they need help, they've been caught at a bad time in the economy and they dont deserve to lose their houses..... but the company is not a charity....

Not a good post I know, but certainly feeling the despair this week.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

memories haunt

in the