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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As you sit in the emergency room,
a toddler climbing restlessly all about you
no extra hands in sight,
to help
to hold

Your eyes puffy from tears
of how you got to this place
how your life fell so off course
Or perhaps from
the pain in your
shoulder, hand, face or arm
fresh bruising
as the sunrises

But you stay
allowing another person to treat you
in a way
that shows no love
no honor
whittles away at you
a bit at a time

The scar tissue takes hold
in side of us
a place
doctors cannot reach
or mend
and we sit
you and I
for our names to be called
our turn
our time
as we glance at one another


Sally's World said...

i have no words, this is very moving xxxx

glnroz said...