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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four Letter Lie

Rose deep red like blood
Love so sweet like wine
Lovers engage in dance
Drunk in lust and lies

Her hair as dark as midnight
Her diamonds shine in starlight
And though they gaze in each others’ eyes
Deception lies concealed behind

Flowers die and wither
In its ugly wake it litters
Beauties fade and vanish
Like lovers lie akin to sinners

♥Vivy's nonsense: Why is the blog dead? Where'd everybody go? :'(


Sally's World said...

thi is very engaging, and the picture is certainly makes me remember so many things, over the years...

The Frog Queen said...

Oh, how lovely and dark at the same time.


Vivy said...

Thank you!
I get my images from
They are remarkably charming.


Shadows said...

I haven't even written in my own blogs. =/ Work is challenging, and my sweet infant turned into a fussy toddler. 'Nuff said. I love this poem, it caught my eye in the reader list. The accompanying picture seals the deal.