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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Interviews

So we have a job to fill, in this market, this economy, a wonderful thing to offer?

but as I interview person after person, my heart is breaking... the desperation is evident in so many of them, and I view them and I think - I'm sorry, but you are not up to this.. you are being caught out, you are in trouble, you are losing your job and you know your skills are failing you, you havent been trained, you've been caught in a bad place... they've let you down.. you WERE good...

I dont mind turfing out the bullshit artists, the fakers, the ones who blagged their way in - but the good people who I see and to who.. I have to say no.... but because of our Laws, I have to leave them waiting in hope for 2 weeks.....

And Christ its breaking my heart - I want to hire them, train them, help them, these are not bad people, they need help, they've been caught at a bad time in the economy and they dont deserve to lose their houses..... but the company is not a charity....

Not a good post I know, but certainly feeling the despair this week.


Sullivan McPig said...

Egh... I don't think i could do it, i think you're very strong.

Vivy said...

the adult world is so scary.