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Friday, May 8, 2009

Stood Up

They made plans with me for tonight. I turned down three other things to do. Then at 4 this afternoon... "Oh, we have decided we aren't going to go to the play after all."

So I am here... alone (hubby is working) writing this. I could rant and rave a bit more, but I think instead I will just go to bed.


cw2smom said...

Damn it!! I hate when that happens! My new man was in such a foul mood tonight we didn't have our movie date. Fortunately, his mood wasn't caused by was his adult kid that caused him to get into a funk. I am going to bed too. Alone! ;P Hugs, Lisa

Sally's World said...

its inconsiderate isn't it, nothing worse than thinking you are doing something and then being the last minute too....well i hope you have a better day today...

Vivy said...

my sympathies to you.
I know how it feels.

Cat said...

Its hard when you are left high and dry - I hope you had a good sleep at least!