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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Wanted to Be a Mother

I wanted to be a mother
But not at the age sixteen
Maybe when I grow a little older
With a little more knowledge felt and seen

I never saw it coming
Never really thought of it before
Then my waistline went from three to six
That’s when I wondered a little a more

I didn’t think it was possible
The thought of me becoming prego
Maybe I was just naïve;
A slave of lust and my ego

I used to hate this thing
But I learned to love this bump
It might prevent me from partying
It also makes me moody and grump

My folks want me to get abortion
They want me to kill my baby
They said she’d be messed up and stupid
If I didn’t listen to what they say

But I wanted to be a mother
And I really loved my baby
So I gave her to a couple that would love her
Ones that could give her a proper family

Someday I’ll have another child
But she won’t be called a mistake
She’ll have a loving mother who used to be wild
And a father who’ll do anything for her sake

♥ Vivy's blabs:
Weird, eh?
Dedicated to those teenage moms out there.
Or maybe I just watch too much The Secret Life of an American Teenager. lol


Anonymous said...

Such thoughts I never had,
Perhaps immoral for me not to feel bad.
I had myself and a sky of blue.
To myself I was true.
I loved her before she was born,
I love her now and protect her from ignorant scorn,
She is the best part of me.
Together we are we, together we are a family.

Shadows said...


Sally's World said...

this in an incredibly powerful post

Anonymous said...

thank u. :]

Luna said...

Thank you for sharing that, sweet.