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Monday, March 16, 2009

Letters of the Dying

I’ll never see my sweet sixteen

Don’t know when I'll see my friends again

I won’t see a glimpse of my debut

Or even practice my great adieu

I’ll never have a date for prom

Or get my hair done at the salon

I’ll never be able to get my license

Or get a new car as a present

I’ll never make a speech on my graduation

Or gush and be excited for my reunion

I won’t make it to my first job interview

Or be known for the things I knew

Nobody will ever give me an engagement ring

I’ll never get to pick a dress for my wedding

I’ll never have the chance to say ‘I do’

Or try to kiss my children’s boo-boo

I’m just an empty, hollow shell

A good for nothing little girl

I’ll never brighten my parents’ faces

Or fill up any empty, cold spaces


Laura Jayne said...

Goodness Vivy this is beyond sad... I am still tearing up.

The Real Gal said...

Yes, very sad.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad. I think.

Sally's World said...

amazing, heartfelt and made me cry, very poignant for me.... xxx

Luna said...

Very heartfelt and that picture is haunting...

Anonymous said...

thank u.