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Thursday, January 8, 2009

5.0 at first, but now just 4.5

That little orange square there in the middle is us tonight, well about 8 miles away from us. 5.0 when I first looked at the Recent Earthquake Site, but now it has been changed to 4.5. Alas, no acutal devastation to report.

Well this at least looks a little more impressive. Our earthquake tonight is this big bit of green here on the bottom.


G said...

Tries, but completly fails to, avoid making any comments about what were you doing at the time and did the earth move for you...


Lorelei said...

it's sad not to know where you are exactly...I understand they have to send out the surveyers after the earthquake to make sure exactly where everything is located. I'm here, I think. The rocking did sort of remind me of the rhythm of sobs.