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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Agitated with my agitator

I'm forever doing laundry in this home with four males; my husband and the three little men (oh...okay, and me too...I make dirty laundry too). So, it wasn't unusual for me to begin the day with a load of washing. What was unusual was that I noticed the agitator inside was almost as if it was trying to trick me into believing that it was getting the job done. The noise was right, it sounded like it was working properly. It was moving, too; but it wasn't completely turning.

I've noticed it slipping now and then but not like this morning, it was hardly turning at all. {SIGH} I am, sharing my devastation with you:
Yes, I am AGITATED with my agitator!


Laura Jayne said...

Oh, I can sooooo relate. I hate laundry with a burning passion. And for about 3 months our dryer has been barely drying. Takes three times as long as it should.

"Please Hubby, take a look, see what is wrong."

"Ok," is always his reply, and yet, my clothes are still damp.

Dan Felstead said...

Laura Jane!! Wow, it's your alter ego! Just stumbled across your other blog. What a treat to see that even nice people like you have their "dark" side as well....

Somehow it makes you more human.


Vivy said...

laundry must really suck.