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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Own Space

I need a little now and then
Some time for me
Away from it all
Without obligation to anyone
My own space

I need a little now and then
Hearing without noise
In a quiet place
Leaving questions unanswered
My own space

I need a little now and then
Words without speech
Drifting through my mind
No one to listen
My own space

I need a little now and then
Guilt left behind me
In search of freedom
Releasing inner desires
My own space

I need a little now and then
My own space


adlibby said...

Yes! I totally relate to this post. I'm an only child (translation: lots of alone time) who is now mother of two humans, 2 dogs and married to a loud-talker. I long for the sweet sounds of silence.

Diane said...

i need a little now and then too...

Simply Heather said...

My brother is 10 years older than I, leaving me as an only child in the house growing up ;o). Yes, I know how to amuse myself well...without need for too much interaction and although I would not trade in my three boys, little girl pup and my hubby for anything...a few hours to myself (especially in these moments)...sure would be NICE.

Thank you so much for understanding and appreciating the needs of Our own space.

~Simply Heather