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Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad

Hi everyone.
I'm Vivy and I'm new here (obviously). Well, there's not much I can say, so here's a poem I made myself. Hope you enjoy. :]

Dear Mom and Dad

I’m sorry I’m not that perfect
I’m sorry I’m not that smart
I’m sorry that I fell in love
I’m sorry I can’t stop my heart

Dear Mom and Dad
I’m sorry I’m not that pretty
I’m sorry I’m not that nice
I’m sorry I can no longer please you
I’m just tired of all the lies

Dear Mom and Dad

Sorry I have a lot of imperfections
I’m sorry I have a lot of flaws
Sorry I didn’t meet your expectations
I’m sorry I broke some of your laws

Dear Mom and Dad

So now I take my leave
My apologies I bid you
Don’t worry I won’t live
Just remember that I love you

P.S.Sorry for my bloody mess.


Laura Jayne said...

Welcome Vivy to DD&D. And you have certainly begun here with quite the despair filled poem. Nicely offered.

Dan Felstead said...


Heart wrenching. You have captured in a few short lines what so many parents and teens/20 somethings have gone through down through the ages. The separation, the difficulty in letting go, the disappointments, the guilt. So well put, I can't bring myself to read it again. I've been there.


Cat said...

Vivy, this reminds me of my teen years... ouch. Very well written.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.