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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This story is based off of true situations.

Lydia lit a candle and began to wonder again. She wondered how much her life would change if things took a turn for the worse. She couldn't help but to wonder a lot lately. Her stomach knotted up when thinking about the possible outcome of her unfortunate position. Ultimately, her life would go back to square one. And she knew deep down that things would probably never get back to how they once were. Atleast not for a while.

Lydia had good friends, a sweet dog, and a nice home with a loving boyfriend. She never fully realized two things before hearing the news-how much freedom she had and how good her life truly was. Sadly, if she lost her home she shared with her boyfriend, she'd have no choice but to move back into her parents' home. And that was not a fun place to be. Her mother was great but her father and brother were different stories. Her father had quite the temper. He also hurt Lydia's feelings from time to time with his rude comments about the way she looked and acted. He never apologized and thought he was helping her by commenting on the way she lived her life. Lydia didn't quite understand that.

Lydia always thought she was a good person. But she had different interests that her father just didn't understand...would probably never understand. Oh my! Lydia likes skulls, she must worship the devil!, her father often implied. Lydia felt like she was a fairly normal girl but her father always made her feel so odd. She would try her best to avoid him when she lived there but sometimes there was no escaping.

Still, she could handle his temper and insults compared to what her brother was like. He was the main reason why she didn't want to move back. He was a compulsive liar, had issues with drugs and alcohol, and stole from everyone in the house, including Lydia. She didn't understand why her parents continued to let him live there while knowing he'd probably never get his act together. Lydia feared to live with him again. Sure, locks can be put on every single thing, but that's no way to live...NO ONE should have to live that way, Lydia thought.

Lydia felt great sadness when thinking of all these things lately. She couldn't help but to wonder if she'd go back to a life that made her scream inside every day. And with that very thought, she decided she was going to do everything she could to avoid that kind of life again. She was not going to passive. She finally felt some hope that things would work out. That maybe her life wouldn't change at all. "One day at a time, just one day at a time," she said to herself and then blew the candle out.~


Shadows said...

Intriguing passage.

Sullivan McPig said...

Very moving story.

Cat said...

I liked that it ended with hope