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Friday, February 20, 2009

Trilogy of Sorrow

Seems so much time has passed
since I last looked down,
I've been too busy living
that I forgot where I lived.
Now as the day draws to an end
I must remember where my bed is.

To seek you would be an atrocity of my faith.
My fortitude compromised by
soft caresses,
flaying me open
leaving my true heart bleeding,
pumping red
all over the floor.
I held my heart close to me
so it wouldn't break,
and cracked it against my own hard head.
To be with you again,
would be a dream
but even dreams must end.

Ten more years and I'll forget you.
Five more years and I'll try.
I couldn't say it the last time I saw you,
in your arms, I die
I hold your memory with shaking fingers
Tempted to keep it that way
The day that I told you I love you
Has long since passed away
Now I walk alone
Footfalls in the freezing snow
A soft crunching in the wind
As I try my damnedest to let you go.
Keeping your company is not for me
And two more years would add up quick
In the night I'll still adore you
Standing in the rain and heartsick.


Laura Jayne said...

Wow!! These are so heartfelt and tragic. Well done.

Cat said...

Wonderful words lyrically strung together - nice work!

Anonymous said...

it was so tragic. so real.