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Monday, February 23, 2009



The outside is too dark

Even if I see the stars

Why don’t you come and save me?

Where are you, Mommy?

The big scary man laughed

He ripped my pretty dress

He pinned me to the ground

Said I wasn’t Daddy’s princess

He’s hurting me now

Over and over and over again

I’m begging him to stop

He doesn’t listen and gave me more pain

Daddy! Daddy! I called

Help me! Help me! I cried

I’m so young and I’m so cold

I couldn’t get away even if I tried

The big scary man pulled a knife

He punched me hard and cut me

I screamed when the knife scarred my face

I screamed for Mommy and Daddy

He thought I was dead and left me

I was left lying on the ground

I can’t talk anymore so I bled and cried

I prayed to God so I’ll be found

Mom and Dad said they loved me

They said God did too

They said my guardian angel will protect me

So, my angel, where are you?

Oh, the despair.
Really, that scared me.
Oh, and that was hot off the press, so I'm sorry for the flaws and stuff.


Shadows said...


Pia Veleno said...

Nicely done. If such a sad piece could have the word 'nice'. Thanks for sharing.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

Adjectives fall short of me, and I fall short of them too. Its language bears the sound of pain!

Brian said...

Very well written and the photograph is absolutely stunning. Thanks for for following Eazy Cheezy. I'm now following this fantastic blog as well.


Anonymous said...

thanks everyone. :]

Cat said...

haunting indeed! Well done!