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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just one of those days

o.k. i was anxious to get out of the house for a little while before work, but let me tell you PEOPLE are CRAZY out there today! something's in the water i swear. i just went to a couple places and people were just SO rude. examples: running their carts into my cart while i shopped, brushing against me in the stores, not stopping their cars right away when i'm walking across to my car in the parking lot, standing in doorways like idiots-blocking me from leaving, and the best thing happened when i was driving home...

you know how when a lane is ending (sign ahead says "right lane closed" or whatever), and you happen to be in that lane...and not on purpose of course. well, some freak in a minivan saw me trying to get into the left lane (my turn signal was on to get over & everything) and decides to drive as fast as he could so i'd either be practically slamming my car into the sign (and the electronic arrow blinking sign too) or into his van. and before long, i was SO close from him smashing into the side of my car so i could get out of that lane. how nice, right!?? i was thinking "well, he's gonna let me through...i will definitely hit this sign if he doesn't." but NO. people can be so rude some days. i was just so glad to get home.

but now i gotta get going to work (hopefully that'll be o.k.). so i'm off to the again, (hopefully) decent roads & people on it. do you ever have one of those days were one thing after the other keeps on happening? today was a day where it made me really want to stay in my house when people act like that. and i wasn't even out long at all either, ugh! hopefully, that's the end of it.


Laura Jayne said...

So have been there and done that. My horn is broken on my car, I hate when I can't honk at stupid people.

Eve Noir said...

Ha, my car's horn has a bit of a delay so that sucks as well! :(

Sullivan McPig said...

Just get a really big car!
My owner has the same problems as you when she's driving a small car, but whenever she can borrow a big car, people suddenly act less rude as they're scared she can do more damage to their cars then they can do to her car.

Eve Noir said...

You're right Sullivan! Ha ha...yeah, my car is average size. I actually feel BIG & that no one better mess with I borrow my mom's car! But honestly, I don't like BIG cars...I'll prob always stick with the size I got now.