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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mon Amour

Mon Amour

My heart used to leap
When you hold me in your arms
But now my heart, it weeps
For you’re taken by her charm

My cheeks used to blush
When you look me in the eye
Then you’ll give me a kiss
And release a contented sigh

You loved to touch my hair
And call me ‘Mon amour’
So gradually I lost you
And my heart does beat no more

So, belated happy Valentine's Day... I guess.
Well, I spent my Valentine's day alone at home, locked up in my room, sucking my Valentine's day themed lollipops, watching Burnt Notice and Paranormal State reruns.
Fun! Of course, in a satirical sense (but I love watching those shows and eating lollipops).
Now, I'm out of those stupid heart-shaped lollipops and Blow Pops and Chupa Chups.
Though, sucking lollipops are kind of exhausting and it hurts the ceiling of your mouth.
I also think that some part of my orifice bled because I tasted blood.
What a lovely mental image.
So what did everybody else, who had a love life and those who didn't (like me), do last saturday?


Graeme H said...

In bed with the careful and close attentions of some South African flu germs .... head over heels dizzy I was, quite carried away.

Anonymous said...

that's not good, right?

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Cat said...

Loved this poem - perfect!

hope your V day was great as well!

Anonymous said...

thanks everyone :]